“We School Europe” is a clear intention, an open claim, an effective solution to enhance the quality and innovation of Education in lower secondary schools, bringing European Citizenship Education in an effective way, fighting and preventing drop out, making local learning communities more international and appealing.



“We School Europe”, following “WSE”, is a strategic partnership in the field of school education proposed under the sub-action “development of innovation”, involving 5 primary schools based in Italy, Romania, Estonia, Poland and Macedonia.

It began in the year 2017 being a special year for the European Union: we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, the 30th Anniversary of the Erasmus Plus Program, just 3 years ago we celebrated the Nobel Prize assigned to EU for having maintained Peace for a long time after the Second World War and since 2014 the structure and functioning of EU institutions changed radically thanks to a long term process aiming at assuring a stronger democracy. There are many positive aspects in being a European citizen, but it is also necessary to make a balance and evaluate other aspects, negative and dangerous, like Brexit (since the 1st of March UK is not EU Member and European citizens are officially migrants - like any other foreigners from the world), in Poland and Hungary the trend is going towards another “exit", but the situation is also worrying in Italy.

We have extreme situations and negative phenomenas such as racism, xenophobia, violence, exclusion and political small parties that influence with radical "claims" decision taking against Europe. At the base of ignorance there is again a key factors lack "EDUCATION" and lack of deep knowledge of Europe.

“WSE” IS a 2-years projects with a perfect balance of “Formal-Informal and Non Formal Education, a recipe of innovative and challenging activities which will follow these main steps:

1) Discovering, 2) Researching; 3) Challenging; 4) Sharing; 5) Building; 6) Innovating; 7) Embedding; 8) Developing


3 Transnational Project Meetings (in Italy, in Poland and in Macedonia), 3 Intellectual Outputs (We School Europe - Teachers Training Tool-Kit (TTTK - We School Europe curriculum for low secondary schools in Europe - Policy Paper for Educational/European Authorities for recognition of the WSE Curriculum), 15 Multiplier Events (5 in every city where schools are based in at the end of 2018 and in spring 2019), 3 Learning Mobilities (1-We School Europe Teachers Training in Romania, 2-We School Europe Spring School in Estonia and 3-We School Europe Summer Camp in Italy) and hundreds of small, daily enthusiastic volunteering actions including open days, indoor and outdoor interactive activities, visits, workshops, focus groups, coordination meetings, hangouts and mentoring programs.


We School Europe, as the title says is the voice of European schools saying: Yes! We School Europe and we don't wait to do it. How? Empowering teachers with innovative skills and motivation, involving our learning communities, welcoming international "friends" and sending learners abroad, with research and preparation, making advocacy and networking. Thanks to Erasmus Plus, for 2 years we will make "European Citizenship Education" a reality and a model practice to be transfered and enriched in the following years becoming a long term component of our school and (why not?) university curricula and also part of the necessary change needed in Education in Europe.