Leader, ITALY,"IC ERODOTO", Corigliano Calabro

Address: via san giovanni evangelista, 87064, Corigliano Calabro (CS) - contact: +39 0983885065

School Director:

Mrs Susanna Ersilia Capalbo

The Istituto Comprensivo Erodoto has this name since 2011 thanks to the Law Legge n. 111 del 15 luglio 2011, which united different school levels from kindergarden to lower secondary grade. It's situated in Corigliano Calabro, in the heart of the so called Piana di Sibari  in the province of Cosenza, closed to the seaside more famous town of Schiavonea. This territory is a a crossroad between different cultures and it's famous because Italian and Albanian live together since ever so that in small towns here surrounding people speak Albanian and the two traditions are united and in peace. This land is also known for the deep migration phenomena, as all Calabria in the last years even the real migration traditions have older roots. The first migrants are the same Calabrian. School population is divided into kindergarden (159 children), primary school (650 children) and lower secondary school (361 children). Teachers are 125, administrative staff are 7, collaborators are 22, 1 School Director running this school since 10 years ago. The socio-cultural environment of the School Institute is really heterogeneous, recollecting children from different backgrounds. Despite of being a region part of a “rich” country (Italy), out territory is considered poor and disadvantaged even agriculture is developed and brought Calabria to be worldwide known for delicious food, summer tourism and traditional products. As we are close to Cosenza,  the so-called “Milan of Calabria”, the area is also more industrial that the other provinces like Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria, more characterized by art and tourism. The school lives the continuous changes of the actual society and continues its efforts in assuring the highest quality as possible, to widen students opportunities and knowledge. In the last years we are happy to see more new young families who decided to stay or not to abandon Calabria trying to enrich culture and make our land more “youth friendly” and stimulating also education in general. For our school staff it's extremely important to be efficient and take care to families opinions and to the learning community contest. Parents are represented and take part to the school life. The report of self-evaluation of the school underlined the importance to work on citizenship education which should be at the base of all kind of education but we don't teach it anymore in the formal curricula. Schools have to change and be more modern and innovative, especially in didactic but also in the administration. A better wellbeing of the whole community brings wellbeing to students which education is the heart of our job and our vocation. The improvement plan (Piano di Miglioramento) aims at: reducing early school living, improve basic competences, reinforce the quality of education and empower teachers training towards their professional development. Erasmus Plus is nowadays the reference Program which we want to develop making our Development Plan more international and more linked with European benchmarks and prioroties (ET2020). The PTOF (Piano Triennale dell’Offerta Formativa d’Istituto) define a clear vision of the school: make our school a higher quality level school of the territory respecting the plurality of knowledge, projects and experiences which contribute to improve all the dimensions of students personalities.


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School Director:

Mrs Susanna Ersilia Capalbo


Head of administration: Mrs Maria Roberto

Teacher Coordinator: Mrs Vita Minisci

Teachers team: 

  1. Nicoletta Fino 

  2. Gisa Perri

  3. Assunta Santacaterina

  4. Annabella Oranges 

  5. Carla Minisci 

  6. Rosanna Iannini

  7. Leonardo Gabriele