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The meeting with the headmaster

Erasmus Ka 1- Finland

The headmaster is Pasi Majaasari. He was recruited by the local municipality after a week of tests and interviews. He has been working in this school for more than ten years and, visiting Australian and New Zealand schools, he has taken the incentive to innovate the organization of his school, which is all we have been able to observe these days. He can do it. As in all Finnish schools, the Dean independently recruits professors through an interview he runs together with experienced teachers, working in the same school. The interview is followed by a trial period and, if all goes well, hiring. Hardly a Finnish principal dismisses because the selection is very thoughtful. As a school manager, he manages a budget of 3 million euros a year that serves for teachers' salaries and teaching. A Finnish teacher at the beginning of his career earns around € 3,000 a month and here, teaching is a coveted profession. The Municipality has other duties instead: it recruits the Vice principals with a special selection, takes care of the costs of heating, electric, telephone, of school meals which, in Finland, is free for all. Furthermore, for each school, the Municipality pays a small maintenance technician who performs the service on-site, for any eventuality that is not structural. The Municipality also has coverage for cleaning costs: there are no "janitors" but workers who work for 7 hours a day after the boys leave. Supervision is probably not expected due to the normal self-regulation of the children and the responsibility entrusted entirely to the teachers. In the building managed by Pasi, two employees work to clean 6 floors of classrooms, laboratories and offices. Pasi describes the aspects of his work. The challenge is innovation prompted by the context in which children live. A challenge that the school must grasp through courageous, passionate and enthusiastic innovators.

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