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Interesting lessons in these days in the school of Middelharnis, Holland.

Erasmus Ka1- Holland

Learning is like a game with the use of digital teaching.

During the music lesson, with a specific program, students have the opportunity to discriminate instruments based on sound, notes and everything related to musical language.

Professor introduces the lesson to the lim.

Then each student starts working on his own chromework, doing exercises.

Periodically tests are performed online and the teacher visualizes the activities performed, the errors and the skills achieved in the digital class. If a student does not pass the tests reaching a low average he must pass to a lower level and repeat the lessons.

During the practical training lesson, the topic is presented through a padlet, which is enriched with the sentences of the students, after having analyzed a text on the topic.

The teacher can visualize the work done by each student through the padlet and the correction is immediate.

It ends with a "query" with background music through Quizzes where the result of each student is immediately visible.

The Dutch digital method is very practical and essential.

The teacher prepares the lesson at home; when he enters the classroom he connects to the lim and explains with often digital insights. After an activity organized in groups, a comprehension test is performed.

Giulia Benvenuto, Mirella Marrazzo, Teresa Montillo, Claudia Catapano

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