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How to make your school more digital

Aggiornato il: 3 dic 2019


Middelharnis, Países Bajos

After a day dedicated to presentations and the visit to the school, the second day, today, was dedicated to the knowledge of the teaching method of the host school.

We have attended English lessons of various levels, history and social sciences.

The first English lesson is addressed to thirty third-year high school students aged 14/15.

The school provides teachers with a notebook, used to prepare the lesson that is projected in the classroom, preceded by the teacher's explanation.

Then the boys carry out a role-playing activity: listening, reading, writing and correction.

What we have been able to observe is the respectful behaviour of the students, the silence and their concentration during the lesson and above all the active participation in the proposed activities.

At the highest level, some students show a presentation on a specific topic in English with the help of videos and slides. Then the topic is discussed while the teacher assesses the skills.

This organization looks very interesting and effective but different from the Italian model.

Claudia Catapano , Giulia Benvenuto, Mirella Marrazzo ,Teresa Montillo

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