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From Calabria to Finland

Aggiornato il: 20 nov 2019

It happened on September 29. The team of 3 teachers and the School Director of the IC Erodoto went to Finland for a learning experience in the field of Erasmus+ Ka1

Direction Helsinki! Teachers from Erodoto school were ready for Erasmus ka1 in one of the schools in Finland where students get very significant learning results.

The theme of these practices was school management related to the autonomy of schools and the political options of a nation that invests in school not only in terms of quantity but of quality until it becomes one of the most school systems advanced and more efficient in Europe (and not only).

They discovered closely how and why Finland's schools are in the top positions in international classifications on student competencies, the hero group met with the staff of the Hämeenkylä school in the city of Vantaa at 15 Helsinki minutes. Here and in other schools, the practices were carried out, stopped in the classes and participated in meetings of meetings organized by the directors of the Finnish school. Susana Capalbo, Titti Romio, Cristina Faraco, Leonardo Gabriele

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