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Finnish school special signs: speak at low voice

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Other testimony of the great experience in Finland

The sound of the Varisto primary school voice was barely perceptible. It was a whole set of suffused sounds both for the characteristics of the Finnish language and because of a certain choice of the school's field: communicating with children, making them feel empathy and closeness to their world. The genre, however, was not without references to the most negligent children but it was all subdued, almost imperceptible. The lesson began with an image projected from each child's cell phones. At home, they had to photograph something autumnal and the teacher throws her into the classroom starting the conversation. Everyone was involved. In the classroom we saw the presence of an older boy: middle school students spend a morning together with the children each week to experience closely what it means to feel useful for someone. The teacher at the neck wears a strap with many hanging marks. They served for Chechen autumn that still did not know Finnish, so while she spoke, she showed the symbols in the most important deliveries. The different colour marks were used instead used during the tests and those come and go from the children are working.

It is a scholastic world far from the Italian one: the canteen is free and the school hours are 20 per week, compared to 24/27/30/40 of the Italian school system. There are no full-time schools because many mothers stay at home and those who work send their children to various private centres. Even in Finnish schools, homework is done but few are given: one for each subject.

In the morning we were attending a math class and we noted that the work was very marked in parts recognizable for children thanks to an intelligent routine that combines knowledge with the arts, including singing.

It made a certain impact to attend a math lesson and saw the teacher start singing and moving to reinforce the topic explained. It is a strategic technique to help children fix concepts and trust the teacher who is not only who knows but also who is close to their world.

The most interesting idea of ​​the morning was the bibliobus. Arrived near the school. Children with their free card came up, chose books and delivered them after a week. A system that allows adults and children to always have a mobile library.

This too, like the canteen, is a free service offered by the Municipality that has existed in Finland for 25 years.

The morning ended at 12.30 and we were preparing to go out with the children, curious to understand how parents and their children relate when they leave school. We soon understood that it was a curiosity that we couldn't satisfy. Children left home alone and outside.. about their parents ..... there was not even a shadow.

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