The Intellectual Output 1


We School Europe

Teachers Training Tool-Kit 

The creation of the Output 1 started at the beginning of the project (end of 2017) with an initial phase of e-learning thanks to this same website which hosts a specific page containing the Modules, the proposed and experimented Lessons Plans and materials. Furthermore, there are pictures and videos documenting the local implementation of the lessons - which we call - Lessons of Europe - and concrete results. 
Potentially the Output n° 1 is an Open Resources Tool in continuous update and enrichment. Modules have been thought and decided as a list of the most important topics, from general to specific, which together cover what is the idea of partners of "European Citizenship Education". 
The union of the Modules developed through Lesson Plans and didactic materials, created also as part of the same lesson, or with the use of existing technologies, permit to professional educators willing to teach "Europe" at school to integrate "European Citizenship Education" with formal subjects mandatory according to the National curriculum.
The long term work of definition and revision of the Modules, the design and the implementation of the Lesson Plans continued all along the project and is still ongoing, also open to new partners and ideas from school institutions apart from the core consortium. 
Here besides the introduction to the TTTK which gives the idea of the beauty of the job done by all the "We School Europe Community" existing at the moment.
To explore and discover the 23 Modules is necessary to access from THIS LINK