Partner 1 - Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 10,

Suceava (Romania)

School Director:

Mr Dumitru Chiuariu

Address: via san giovanni evangelista, 87064, Corigliano Calabro (CS) - contact: +39 0983885065

In nowadays society, it is the school mission  and duty to prepare its students to play an active role in society, to offer them the knowledge and the abilities necessary to continue their studies  in highschools and vocational schools. A civilised behaviour is another educational goal; in school, children learn which are the values accepted by society and they learn to respect them; also, the ability to communicate is considered to be of utmost importance, as it helps the students in  the process of  their self development.


Secondary School No 10 Suceava is sittuated in Burdujeni district, Cuza Voda 1 area; it opened its gates on  1st September 1981, with a school population of 639 students. The school year 1990 - 1991 remembered as the one with the highest number of students - 1755. Recent demographic studies show that the number of students is expected to decrease in the following years. Thus, the school population numbered 1264 students in 2000-2001 (629 in primary school, 635 in secondary school) and in 2007-2008, only 864 students (430 in primary school, 434 in secondary school).


School must become the center of interest for the local community and involvement must replace indifference in the parents’ mentality; thus, these changes will influence their children’s education and their attitude towards education. 




  Secondary School No. 10 Suceava will become an open  space  and place to those who consider education to be the supreme value of a society, a living space for those who need education, according to their intellectual and material possibilities, to their interests and needs, in order to get the best results, 

A school for all and for everyone.


Secondary School No. 10 offers:


· opportunities to study in a school which offers comfort, safety, and education at European standards;

· the chance to score the best results in the competition with students from other important schools from Suceava;

· good preparation for the next stages in education and for life;

· additional preparation for the students who participate in school competitions;

· partnerships with schools from other countries in European educational projects;

· Very well prepared teachers, highly motivated to make educational performance;

· classrooms with interactive boards and computers with internet connection;

· a constructive and competitive working environment.

· curriculum adapted for pulils’ needs;

· programs of counseling and parent education.


From the beginning:

As of 1 September 2005, until September 2008, the 1-8 Grades Eco-School No.10 Suceava is proud to call itself Eco-School, due to its environment protection activities. 

It is a boost for further efforts towards the formation of more and more    civilised pupils, tuned to the twenty-first century communication demands and value systems. All this requires harder work from the teaching staff, as the social-economic conditions, mentioned above instead of improving have worsened.


School No.10 Suceava has for objectives:


  • Both pupils and their parents should acquire and cultivate modern European and world values and gradually become aware that the old mentality of  “being protected”, i.e. entirely guided and supported by the school is now obsolete and so they have their own responsibilities. Raising of the cultural standard of the district’s population. 

  • The teaching staff should professionally and affectively ensure suitable training for each and every pupil: we should become what is called A SCHOOL FOR EVERYONE.

  • We must improve and nuance the communication skills of our pupils so as they can interrelate better and, in the future properly meet social demands.

  • We must promote intercultural education, partnership relations for a better knowledge of other knowledge of other culture systems and in order to cultivate tolerance, mutual respect, self-confidence and national pride.

  • Recreational, cultural-artistic and sports activities, all of which imply creativity entail a relaxed atmosphere, mold cooperation, teamwork spirit, open, frank, polite dialogue, observance of civilised norms and social behaviour.

Elementary School No.10 Suceava boasts a psycho-pedagogical aid cabinet, run by a specialist from the County Centre of Human Resources and Educational Assistance. The psycho-pedagogical teacher (a school counsellor offers educational help both to our students and to their parents, and to our teaching stuff). Students find the necessary support here to resolve the specific problems of their age, as they are encouraged to find the right responses to their dilemmas. They are counselled as regards school and professional directions, how to negotiate and solve conflicts, their personal growth, self-acknowledgement, techniques for efficient learning and so on. When the situation requires, group therapy/counselling is employed. In such sessions the students have a chance to hear the others’ problems and debate them with a view to finding, together, specific solutions to each problem, because it is a well-known fact that it is always more efficacious to come to terms with life by learning alongside with a community.


School Director:

Mr Dumitru Chiuariu

Head of administration: Mrs Elena Gales

Teacher Coordinator: Mrs Rodica Zimbru

Teachers team: 

  1. Daniela Babii

  2. Cristina Maria Abalasei

  3. Raluca Dochita 

  4. Raluca Gherman

  5. Mihaela Gaitan

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